About me

Nice to meet you, my name is Nandi

Let me introduce myself to you. I can imagine you want to know more about me. My name is Nandi Hidayat. When I grew up, my dream was to be a doctor. In Indonesia it is extremely hard to get into a school for that. This lead to a different path for me. Below the route I followed:

  • Associate Degree Optometry (2017)
  • Nursing school, vocational high school (2014)

In both cases I was fortunate to get a full scholarship. (As one of only a few in the country.) In my childhood there was no money for education. Let’s say: it was quite a fight to get where I am today.


Following this route and the lessons

When I had my graduation I went on working in a hospital. First a private one and after that the biggest government eye-hospital on Java. Here I learned a lot. About the job, but also about what I didn’t want. Workdays were long and with many, many patients.

Many people I’ve met in hospitals, but also in other places, have a job to survive. And it has nothing to do with their passions. (Including me for years.)

A lot of the people don’t know what they want. So they do this work, maybe never finding their passion. When I discovered this it was time for a change.

On my way to dreams

Like many my hobbies and profession were two completely different things. Besides my dream of being a doctor, I wanted to be a chef and an artist. I realized my passions were drawing, designing and cooking. (Preferably while traveling 😉)

So I started to learn (and still absorb new knowledge every day) about digital design/skills. Better myself so my passion and profession are more aligned. Allowing to live my true dreams. Not at the end station yet. But closer than ever!

Dandelion, my philosophy

The Dandelion is the flower of hope and dreams. Even though they look brittle on the outside, they are strong and resilient on the inside. Keeping on to dreams and hopes make things happen. (With hard work, of course.)

The seeds fly high through the sky and when they land they grow. Wherever I am on earth, I’ll make it happen one way or the other. With my background, especially healthcare, I learned that working with your heart is important. (And what it will cost you if you don’t.)

I felt some guilt for leaving the job, but I realized that working from passions and with the heart is the perfect formula for succes in life. (That’s why my logo is a Dandelion, hihi.)